What ENGins can do for your institution


Johns Hopkins University Video Wall engages users as they pass buy.

Engineering Inspiration was created to provide organizations focused on applied science and engineering with a tool that will improve the productivity and engagement of their staff, students, alumni, collaborators. The advantages to our users are obvious, but there are also specific benefits for the organizations who subscribe to the platform on their behalf.

Site branding: Specify the site name, colors, logos, job feeds, and subject headings on the website and news walls. Because your ENGins platform contains your branding, users are continually reminded of who provided the service: your institution did.

Institutional content: Add articles about your people, research, events, and books directly, and promote the content through the carousel. This will be seen not only by your own community, but highlight your contribution to a broader audience, including potential students and employees.

News Walls: Display the content on custom news walls (screens) around the campus, engaging your community with research and industry. The wall design includes access to a phone web app that lets readers quickly retrieve the full article that has caught their interest.

Calendar: Create technical clusters or communities by sharing details of events. These will appear prominently on the calendars of users interested in that specific topic.

Regular contact: Reach out to users through an electronic newsletter tailored to their interests, sending calls to action along with their regular dose of tailored technical stories.

Registration settings: Control who gets the most benefit from your site. You can make it open, restrict accounts to those within your domain, or have your moderator decide who should and shouldn’t have full access.


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About the Author

Dr Sunny Bains is a Scientist, Journalist, Editor, and Educator based at University College London.