Editorial Director

Dr Sunny Bains

Managing Editor

Rose Grey


  • Biomedical Engineering: Mina Razzak, Sarah Payton
  • Chemistry, Nano & Materials: Joanna Carpenter
  • Engineering, Environment & Energy: Michael Veale
  • Physical Sciences; Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Computer Science: Rose Grey

Online Sub-Editors

  • Samantha Ponton
  • Ceri Perkins
  • Kathryn Allan

Editorial Board Chair

Prof Jeremy Watson, STEaPP, Vice-Dean (Mission)

Editorial Board Members

  • Ms Akinmolayan, Chemical Engineering
  • Ms Emma Alam, UCL Business
  • Ms Michelle Antonik, UCL Consultants
  • Dr Herve Borrion, Security and Crime Science
  • Dr Helen Czerski, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr Jennifer Griffiths, UCL Engineering
  • Mr Carl Gombrich, Arts and Sciences
  • Dr Iris Luke, Biochemical Engineering
  • Dr Elpida Makriyannis, UCL Engineering
  • Mr Daniel Mannion, Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Prof John Mitchell, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Vice-Dean (Education)
  • Dr Liora Malki-Epshtein, Civil, Geomatic & Environmental Engineering