COMPETITION: University Startup World Cup 2022

The best impact based university startups from around the world come together to network, learn, grow and pitch for a chance of becoming the world’s best university startup! Apply here. 100 brilliant impact based startups are coming together! Venture Cup Denmark hosted the first University Startup World Cup back in 2015 with startups from all around the world. The startups reached millions of readers worldwide, met some of the largest companies in Denmark and won big cash prizes. But what really matters is the international network participants achieve. The goal is to feature the best university startups worldwide, help them grow and expand. And while here, check out a bit more about us 94 % Recommend to others + 100 Startups every year + 200 Finalists participating + 40 Partners present + 100 Regions represented + 600 K Students reached Let us know more about who are you In order to compete, you should be : part of a startup with two co-founders and at least one of them is affiliated to a University (or a recent graduate within 2 years). Your startup is either early stage or growth stage (see definition in FAQ). Your startup is working towards making an impact in the world. You feel like you have a potential to do great things. You want to be part of international student entrepreneurs network. Finally, you see all of the the possibilities of meeting with key players from the Chinese startup ecosystem .   "Winning USWC 2020 gave us an opportunity to present our solution on a global stage" Epiclay Overall Winner of 2020 Early Stage. Epiclay makes urban areas more liveable and healthy for its inhabitants by creating a modular green wall system, which can be implemented easily on facades. Thinking about becoming a partner? The partners we work with will get promotion on our website, social media, and print. They will also be invited to event, where accommodation and some food will be covered. In return, the Partner will nominate at least 3 teams that will still need to go through the application process. They will also promote the event on their own channels. Become a partner FAQ for the curious Pitch Tips & Tricks Main criterias the judges will be grading on? Where can I see the previous workshops? What is early & growth stage? What are the prizes? Is my idea protected? How do I nominate a startup?