COMPETITION: University Startup World Cup 2021

The best university startups from around the world come together to network, exhibit and pitch for a chance of becoming the world's best university startup! Apply Now! Community of the best university startups worldwide. Venture Cup Denmark hosted the first University Startup World Cup back in 2015 with startups from around the world and has been running ever since. Despite reaching millions of readers worldwide, meeting some of the largest companies in Denmark and winning significant cash prizes, one of the most remarkable things about the World Cup is the international network that the participants achieve. The goal with University Startup World Cup is to feature the best university startups from around the world, give them a network and help them grow. + 75 Startups every year + 150 Finalists participating + 40 Countries 600 000 Students reached 78 % says USWC led to future buiness growth 94 % Recommend others to participate 30 Country partners + 6 000 000 Reached on social media Testimonials from participants "It was eyeopening to witness so many ventures committed to better business models and to the SDGs. Seeing unity for a common goal and way of doing business was inspiring. We’re truly grateful to have been invited and given an opportunity to represent our country while developing credibility in a new market. On top of the opportunity of making your dream of global impact more of a reality, is the shared learnings and new friendships you return home with. It was a truly incredible experience and I loved every minute of it!." Health-Bridge, Canada USWC 2019 WINNER Health-Bridge, Canada "The week in Copenhagen was very inspirational – full of new ideas, knowledge and amazing people. And we are extremely grateful to the USWC team for all the help and support that they have been providing all though the event. University Startup World Cup pushed our team to reach new limits." Laava Tech, Estonia USWV 2018 WINNER Laava Tech, Estonia "The University Startup World Cup isn’t just a platform to showcase your business, establish networks and compete in a competitive environment. It is an opportunity to make lasting friendships and establish impactful business links that have the capacity to forge the future. It is an experience." RAB-Microfluidics, UK USWC 2017 WINNER RAB-Microfluidics, UK "University Startup World Cup was our first competition outside of our university so we didn’t know what to expect! But in a short week, we had enough feedback to completely redesign our pitch, fine-tune our presentation, and were able to meet professionals in our field with valuable thoughts on our startup, willing to help us in the long run. It was an amazing launchpad of an experience overall." Sunthetics, U.S.A. Sunthetics, U.S.A. Winners 2020 Overall Winner Early Stage and Smart City Prizewinner of 16,000 USD Epiclay Vienna University of Economics & Business - Austria Epiclay makes urban areas more liveable and healthy for its inhabitants by creating a modular green wall system, which can be implemented easily on facades with as little maintenance as possible. The startup won because the innovation is great and it solves many challenges in the urban environment. They have mastered to rethink the use of materials. Overall Winner Growth Stage and HealthTech Prizewinner of 16,000 USD Banff Biotech Ningbo University - China They created two portable products used for qualitative and quantitative laboratory measurements on-site within 5 minutes. The products are able to quickly identify and quantify volatile organic compounds. The startup won because of a strong team with comprehensive industry background, and because the product is based on solid scientific research. GreenTech Growth Stage Winner Prizewinner of 1,000 USD PlasticFri Karlsruhe Insititute of Technology, Sweden A proprietary technology to make a plant-based biomaterial that looks and works like conventional (petroleum-based) plastics, but it’s 100% biodegradable, compostable & non-toxic. Smart City Growth Stage Winner Prizewinner of 1,000 USD Infinite Foundry Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal A 3D digital plant platform for improved production efficiency of any industrial sector. It hosts the precise 3D model of the plant obtained from laser scan to provide an easy 3D gamification experience that drives industrial operational efficiency. ICT Growth Stage Winner Prizewinner of 1,000 USD Aurign Georgia State University, USA Aurign eliminates inefficiencies in the music publishing supply chain using A.I. and blockchain technology. The algorithms accurately generate publishing agreements and automate the filing process, while keeping a record on the blockchain ledger as a proof of record. GreenTech Early Stage Winner Prizewinner of 1,000 USD Alt Tex University of Toronto, Canada ALT TEX is a business-to-business biomaterials company, creating sustainable fabric solutions for eco-conscious fashion retailers and designers. HealthTech Early Stage Winner Prizewinner of 1,000 USD Safewheel Bangladesh University of Professionals, Bangladesh Safewheel has designed a mini three wheel ambulance that costs 1/10th of regular ones and can reach everywhere in the village. With the money needed to buy 1 regular ambulance, we can buy 10 Safewheel ambulances ICT Early Stage Winner Prizewinner of 1,000 USD BAG Innovation University of Rwanda, Rwanda BAG is a digital platform that uses Gamification to offer a solution for students and recent graduates to access real-time experience-based learning. As a participant, who are you? Country Partner If you are being represented by a country partner, they cannot be a co-founder within the team, but mentorship is allowed. Early Stage You classify as either early stage or growth stage (see the definitions in FAQ). Be Part Of Network You want to be part of a network of international student entrepreneurs. Part Of Startup You're part of a startup with two co-founders and one of them has to be affiliated to a university. Meet Key Players You see the possibilities in meeting with key players from the Chinese startup ecosystem. Country Partners Venture Cup Denmark works closely with several Country Partners around the world. These are usually Universities or organisations that focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups. The Country Partner will get promotion from Venture Cup Denmark through our website, social media channels, and on some print materials. They will also be invited to attend the event, where accommodation and some food will be covered. See a list of our current Country Partners under 'Partners'. If you are interested in becoming a country partner, click the button below. In return, the Country Partner will agree to nominate at least 3 teams from their country. The teams will still need to go through the application process. They will also promote the event on their own channels. Become a country partner Informative Materials USWC20 Magazine USWC19 Guidebook USWC19 Magazine FAQ Most frequent questions and answers Where will the University Startup World Cup be hosted in 2021? Are we going to China? What should I prepare? Who will we meet? What are the prizes? Is my idea protected? How do I nominate a startup from my University? Who can become a country partner? When and how do I apply? Who runs the University Startup Worldcup? Do all team members have to be university students? Startup Stage Definition University Startup is brought to you by: IDA McKinsey & Company Innovationsfonden Venture Cup China Fonden for Entreprenørskab Hempel Foundation IT University of Copenhagen University of Copenhagen Aarhus University Aalborg University Copenhagen Business School Technical University of Denmark University of Southern Denmark World Young Scientist Summit