Register for the 2022 iGEM Competition today! Every year, iGEM Competition teams push the boundaries of synthetic biology and tackle everyday issues facing the world. What will your team accomplish this year? Regular registration ends on April 29 (23:59 EDT). Team PIs must submit their team application and team fee payment by April 29 to take advantage of the Regular Registration fee. LEARN MORE! What is iGEM? The iGEM Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition, and the development of an open community and collaboration. This is done by fostering an open, cooperative community and friendly competition. The Premiere International Synthetic Biology Competition 19 YEARS 46 COUNTRIES 350 TEAMS/YEAR 3 600 TEAMS 70 000 PARTICIPANTS Multidisciplinary student teams from all over the world compete for medals and awards by designing, building, and testing projects using synthetic biology. They document their work through deliverables like wiki, videos, and presentations, which are reviewed and rewarded by a panel of judges. COMPETITION Local people solving local problems Projects 3 600 PROJECTS 12 TRACKS Teams create projects from start to end - from brainstorming ideas to a proof of concept. The projects are aimed at solving problems of their local communities. TEAM LIST TEAM LIST PROJECT VIDEOS PROJECT VIDEOS PHOENIX DATABASE PHOENIX DATABASE Synthetic Biology Technology Teams design, mix, and match genetic parts to build synbio devices and systems; contributing them to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, shared with everyone. 20 000 DOCUMENTED PARTS TECHNOLOGY World class biosafety & biosecurity Responsibility We ensure all projects are safe and secure by creating a workforce that is responsible about their work, use of their product, and impact inside and outside the lab. RESPONSIBILITY The next generation of leaders Community A resourceful space for iGEMers to team up, and collaboratively build assets for the synbio ecosystem while growing into future leaders of the field. NEWS NEWS PROJECTS PROJECTS EVENTS EVENTS The Synthetic Biology Expo: an event of the future Grand Jamboree Teams, judges, academia, journalists, investors, industry reps, and the public meet together for a 4-day event in Paris, France. The Grand Jamboree is the world expo of synthetic biology where 350+ iGEM teams present the work they’ve done, joined by other side events, such as the Startup Showcase. On the last day, the best projects are awarded with prizes and medals. Paris Expo PORTE DE VERSAILLES Oct 20-23 2022 7 000 PARTICIPANTS Entrepreneurship & Innovation Startups iGEM projects serve as proofs of concepts and prototypes, and become startups and powerhouse companies. The iGEM EPIC program supports their creation. 150 STARTUPS Regional and Local Competitions Leagues New competitions designed to enable more local people to learn and apply synthetic biology around the world. DESIGN LEAGUE: LATIN AMERICA INDIAN LEAGUE QUICK LINKS: VISION VISION VIDEOS VIDEOS BLOG BLOG NEWS NEWS JOBS JOBS Support Ukraine iGEMers Click to learn more iGEM Foundation Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine The Russian invasion of Ukraine is completely unacceptable to the iGEM community and we stand with the rest of the scientific community in denouncing Russia's actions.