COMPETITION: AIAA Foundation Design Competitions 2022

The AIAA Foundation sponsors design competitions every year. These competitions offer a great opportunity for students to participate in a simulated real-world problem, allowing students to gain experience and receive useful and constructive feedback from technical experts who sit on AIAA Technical Committees. Several of the competitions allow students to perform theoretical work and gain real-world insight into the design process. Whether students are designing an aircraft, engine, or space vehicle, they will go through all of the primary design steps involved in determining a solution to a Request for Proposal (RFP). This includes determining a hypothetical solution, testing the hypothesis, evaluating its effectiveness, possibly doing some cost analysis, and finally preparing a report that will be submitted in response to the RFP. These responses are reviewed by experts in the field who will provide constructive responses to the students. This year’s competitions are listed below. Show the world you've got the right stuff in design, and you may win cash prizes while you're at it! *This competition is subject to all applicable laws, including US export laws. US law prevents AIAA from awarding prize money to, or providing substantive feedback on entries from, persons residing in Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, or Syria. Competition Rules Note to Report Submitters: Only the person who submitted the letter of intent may submit the final report. All materials, including letters of intent and final reports, must be submitted online via – AIAA will not accept for submission any materials mailed to the AIAA office. If no submission rules are listed in the RFP document, please follow all competition rules by clicking the button above. If you would like a certificate of participation for your team, please e-mail us at Participation certificates will be provided only upon request and will be sent in electronic format only. You may make your request for a certificate up to 01 October of the same competition year. Due to the high volume of final reports we receive, you must strictly adhere to formatting and membership requirements. DESIGN COMPETITIONS 2022 Design Competitions For 2022, AIAA will offer the following competitions: Team Aircraft Design – Graduate Team Team Aircraft Design – Undergraduate Team Team Space Design – Undergraduate Team Team Missile System Design – Graduate Team Team Engine Design – Undergraduate Team For 2022 there will be no individual design competitions. Design Competitions are only available to students enrolled in a university. High school students cannot participate in this program. If you have any more questions about the upcoming design competitions, please write to us at Details 2022 Design Competition RFPs Schedule Team Roster & Proposal Information submitted via online submission site – 13 February 2022 (2359 hrs US Eastern Time) Proposal submitted via online submission site – 14 May 2022 (2359 hrs US Eastern Time) Announcement of Winners (via email) – August 2022 (Dependent on review committee schedule) Gas Turbine (Engine) Design: Round 1 evaluations completed – TBD Round 2 presentations at TBD Due to the discontinuation of the AIAA Propulsion & Energy Forum, AIAA will be re-launching the Engine (Gas Turbine) Design Competition in 2022 on a different timeline. Please keep checking back for the latest information about how to participate in the 2022 Engine (Gas Turbine) Design Competition. If you have any questions, you may contact us at Eligibility Requirements Copyright   Conflict of Interest Awards         Frequently Asked Questions                               Previous Years' RFPs Aircraft Design Competitions     Space Systems Design Competitions Missile Systems Design Competitions Winning Reports View Reports (2020-2021) View Reports (2019-2020) View Reports (2018-2019) View Reports (2017–2018)