Aerospace engineer Varol examines the methods and strategies found in rocket science and applies them to everyday life in his charming debut. Looking for parallels between scientific breakthroughs and achieving personal success, he begins with “launch,” instructing readers to harness the power of uncertainty and ignite breakthroughs with thought experiments, while also counseling not to be afraid of the unknown. He suggests writing out concerns and uncertainties to ratchet down stress levels, comparing “redundancies” within space missions to personal situations by asking questions such as “what will you do if your household loses a source of income? The system must be designed to continue operating even if a component fails.” Next, to “accelerate,” he offers strategies to propel ideas, including trying to prove oneself wrong in order to find what’s right, and experimenting to give an idea maximum potential. Such strategies lead to inspired inventions, of which he provides many examples, such as the “Embrace infant warmer,” which has upped survival rates of premature babies in third-world countries. In his third stage, “achieve,” he reinforces the idea that experimenting and failing is preferable to always taking a proven path. Smart and witty, Varol’s masterful analysis explains complicated scientific principles and connects them to ordinary life for a mainstream audience.