Within its 1,000 pages, this book has everything: It is a comprehensive and accessible exposition of its topic, organic electronics; it is beautifully illustrated; it contains copious references to the literature and includes instructive exercises. The book has the advantage of having been written by a highly accomplished researcher who has also road-tested teaching this material on many occasions. Indeed, prospective instructors are provided with a course plan for delivering the contents of this book. Although this is primarily a textbook, it will prove to be a valuable reference for researchers and others seeking engagement in the expanding field of organic electronics. The reader is first provided with the fundamentals of the field—it being stressed that a background in organic chemistry is not a prerequisite. Device applications are thoroughly treated, and finally a future perspective is offered in a provocatively titled final chapter: “Expect the unexpected: more possibilities for organic electronics.” The author is to be thanked and congratulated for undertaking this mammoth project, which has provided what one anticipates will be the definitive organic electronics textbook for many years to come.