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Last weeks's top headlines:

Introducing 2D semiconducting electrides
28th June 2022 - Listed in: Novel Materials
A group of exotic materials known for its abundance of electrons and exceptional electronic conductivity just welcomed an oddly behaved member to the family. This new member is a semiconductor, conducting electrons only under certain conditions (J. Am. Chem. Soc....
Commercial ‘blue energy’ is one step closer with the development of a new ion-exchange membrane that dramatically increases the efficiency of energy generation from the salt concentration gradients which exist where a river meets the sea. This membrane overcomes the...
More than a couple of the dozen or so coal-plant workers gathered at West Virginia’s Pleasants Power Station in April to hear Andrew Forrest push his green hydrogen agenda rolled their eyes as he spoke. “I believe this coal-fired power...
Winding past the ochre-coloured plateaux of the Bardenas Reales natural park in northern Spain, Roel Grooten nudged me to take my foot off the accelerator. The car continued to barrel down the open stretch of road, its speed dipping only...
The Living City: Weaving Nature Back Into the Urban Fabric
28th June 2022 - Listed in: Environment
As climate change intensifies, cities will be on the front line, suffering from increased flooding and life-threatening heat waves. City planners are searching for ways to make urban areas more resilient to these looming challenges, and chief among them is...
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