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Last weeks's top headlines:

Teacher burnout hits record high
6th July 2022 - Listed in:
Teachers in grades K through 12 are more burned out than workers in any other industry, according to a new Gallup poll that finds 44% of K-12 employees report “always” or “very often” feeling burned out at work. That number...
A team of scientists based in France has discovered that the sounds made by ball-milling reactions can determine important chemical information. Ball-milling is a mechanochemistry process which grinds together solid reactants using moving metallic balls in a specially designed reactor....
Sheets of graphene oxide can undergo spontaneous crosslinking reactions, which essentially glue the sheets together, as a result of common drying procedures. The finding broadens scientists’ understanding of basic graphene chemistry and sounds a cautionary note about processing this 2D...
One by one, the tools available to President Biden to fight climate change are being stripped away. After a Supreme Court decision on Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency will have less authority to limit carbon dioxide from power plants, a...
Seen from space, the Sudd swamp is a giant green smudge where the White Nile, one of the great river’s two main branches, spreads out across flat arid land, forming myriad back channels that are often covered in floating vegetation....
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