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Last weeks's top headlines:

Sunlight can chemically breakdown plastics into tens of thousands of new compounds that in just weeks and many of these dissolve in water, a study led by researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has found. The discovery dispels the...
Trapping a plastic-degrading enzyme in a synthetic nanocage protects it from breaking down under heat or in organic solvents. While the caged enzyme retains all of its catalytic activity, it withstands temperatures much hotter than its usual melting point and...
An eco-friendly method for dyeing jeans
22nd September 2021 - Listed in:
Researchers in the US have developed new indigo dyeing technology that, they say, is an eco-friendly alternative to current methods. Dyeing denim jeans is one of the top sources of pollution within the fashion industry. That is why researchers from...
A team of engineers and chemists from the University of California-LA (UCLA) have taken a major step towards the development of microbial fuel cells – which use bacteria to extract electrons from organic matter and generate an electrical current –...
Australia’s decision to rip up its $90bn agreement with France for 12 diesel-powered submarines, and opt instead to build nuclear-powered vessels with Britain and the US, is a landmark moment for Asia-Pacific geopolitics and the global defence industry. The new...
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