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Your Engineering Inspiration for Tuesday 29 September 2020

At ENGins, our curators are picking out the best stories covering the engineering response to Covid-19. To find out about work that's being carried out in your discipline, just navigate to the website and ensure your preferences are reflected in your customisation settings.

Stories from this week query what it is that tech companies are hoping to get out of the pandemic; cover recent strides in treatment development (from a cheap steroid to tiny sponges); outline details on the robots that are being enlisted to help disinfect hospitals; introduce us to the enzyme at the centre of the mystery (ACE2); and discuss the increased importance of lecturerstudent relationships during the pandemic.

And if you haven't yet taken a look at the New York Times' brilliant piece, How You Should Read Coronavirus Studies, or Any Science Paper, now is as good a time as any.

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Rose Grey
Managing Editor

Last weeks's top headlines:

For neuroengineers and others who are developing technologies to fix diseases of the human brain, the work can be fascinating. After all, the brain guides the decisions we make. But neuroscientific research is fraught with moral and ethical dilemmas concerning...
Neural Networks Without Matrix Math
22nd September 2020 - Listed in:
The challenge of speeding up AI systems typically means adding more processing elements and pruning the algorithms, but those approaches aren’t the only path forward. Almost all commercial machine learning applications depend on artificial neural networks, which are trained using...
When you think about Bluetooth, you probably think about things like wireless headphones, computer mice, and other personal devices that utilize the short-range, low-power technology. That’s where Bluetooth has made its mark, after all—as an alternative to Wi-Fi, using unlicensed...
Algorithms can change the course of children’s lives. Kids are interacting with Alexas that can record their voice data and influence their speech and social development. They’re binging videos on TikTok and YouTube pushed to them by recommendation systems that...
The Trump administration is pushing forward with its plan to ban the Chinese social media apps TikTok and WeChat from American app stores. The Commerce Department on Friday announced that beginning on Sunday, it would prohibit downloads of WeChat and...
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