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Your Engineering Inspiration for Wednesday 21 April 2021

Although much in the way of research and education has been put on hold due to the ongoing lockdown, there are a number of competitions open for entrants in science and engineering. Here are a few picks:
  • Health Security & Pandemics - How can communities around the world prepare for, detect, and respond to emerging pandemics and health security threats?
  • Alaska 2 Image Steganalysis - A challenge based on detecting secret data hidden within digital images.
  • E&T Innovation Awards 2020 - For standout people, projects, and organisations in engineering and technology (with awards available across 16 categories).
Competitions relevant for you will be delivered along with the rest of your tailored content (depending on your preferences). Alternatively, you can follow our Competition Twitter to be updated on competitions in all areas.

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Last weeks's top headlines:

Dan Rozycki, the president of a small engineering firm, worries about what a global semiconductor shortage could mean for curing concrete. Mr. Rozycki’s company, Transtec Group in Austin, Texas, sells small sensors that are placed where concrete is poured at...
An international research team led by Monash University has uncovered a new technique that could speed up recovery from bone replacements by altering the shape and nucleus of individual stem cells. The research collaboration involving Monash University, the Melbourne Centre...
A radical way to upcycle polymers
16th April 2021 - Listed in:
By selectively pulling hydrogen atoms from branched polyolefins, chemists have come up with a way to chemically modify common polymers. The chemistry could expand the life span of these polymers beyond single-use plastics by upcycling them into higher-value materials, polymers...
Researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland are investigating the feasibility of creating a green polyurethane alternative derived from fish waste that would otherwise be discarded. Polyurethanes are a highly versatile type of plastic derived from crude oil and found in...
In the future, it may be possible to use electron spin to store, process and transfer information in quantum computers. To this end, it has long been the goal of scientists to use spin-based quantum information technology at room temperature....
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