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Last weeks's top headlines:

An international research team led by Monash University has uncovered a new technique that could speed up recovery from bone replacements by altering the shape and nucleus of individual stem cells. The research collaboration involving Monash University, the Melbourne Centre...
Researchers in Canada are developing guidelines to use waste materials from the pulp and paper industry as a sustainable alternative for road construction. The construction industry has long sought to use waste materials from the pulp and paper industry as...
It’s not that hard to make a natural blue dye. Just take a red cabbage, cut it into pieces, and boil it. What you get is a purple broth that turns bright blue when you add some baking powder. Children...
A radical way to upcycle polymers
16th April 2021 - Listed in:
By selectively pulling hydrogen atoms from branched polyolefins, chemists have come up with a way to chemically modify common polymers. The chemistry could expand the life span of these polymers beyond single-use plastics by upcycling them into higher-value materials, polymers...
Researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland are investigating the feasibility of creating a green polyurethane alternative derived from fish waste that would otherwise be discarded. Polyurethanes are a highly versatile type of plastic derived from crude oil and found in...
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