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Last weeks's top headlines:

Can an Algorithm Prevent Suicide?
30th November 2020 - Listed in:
At a recent visit to the Veterans Affairs clinic in the Bronx, Barry, a decorated Vietnam veteran, learned that he belonged to a very exclusive club. According to a new A.I.-assisted algorithm, he was one of several hundred V.A. patients...
This Database Is Finally Holding AI Accountable
30th November 2020 - Listed in:
The Artificial Intelligence Incident Database (AIID) is a crowdsourced platform with intentions to wrangle in the Wild West of AI. “Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice shame on you,” comes to mind, as the platform is being...
What should science do about conflicts of interest? When they are identified, they become an obstacle to objectivity — a key tenet and a cornerstone of academia and research — and the truth behind what scientists report is called into...
Ever since astronomers reached a consensus in the 1980s that most of the mass in the universe is invisible — that “dark matter” must glue galaxies together and gravitationally sculpt the cosmos as a whole — experimentalists have hunted for...
The tallest mountain on any of the Solar System’s planets is Olympus Mons, a giant extinct volcano on Mars that is some 14 miles (or 21.9 kilometers) high. That’s about two and a half times the height of Mount Everest....
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