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Last weeks's top headlines:

The long-sought goal of a material that is superconducting at room temperature has been achieved – but the researchers at the University of Rochester, US, don’t know its exact composition. Ranga Dias and co-workers’ carbon, hydrogen and sulfur compound became...
After avoiding questions as to President Donald J. Trump’s COVID-19 status, the president’s doctor, Sean Conley, says the president has tested negative for consecutive days using a rapid test from Abbott that the Trump administration plans to send to governors...
A shortage of key chemicals needed for tests to diagnose Covid-19 has hampered screening efforts, but now researchers in the US have developed a new test that doesn’t rely on these scarce reagents. The standard PCR test has three steps...
Aerogel materials are known to scientists for being effective thermal insulators that could be useful in electronics, but so far have been limited to large-scale applications, such as those in environmental technology or industrial catalysis. Now researchers in Switzerland have...
Secure telecommunications networks and rapid information processing make much of modern life possible. To provide more secure, faster and higher-performance information sharing than is currently possible, scientists and engineers are designing next-generation devices that harness the rules of quantum physics....
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