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Your Engineering Inspiration for Tuesday 05 February 2019

If you're in the mood for some lighter, cooler tech news this morning, we have just the thing for you: the ENGins ‘Cool’ tab. (To access it, just visit the ENGins front page.)

Perhaps you're interested in watching a robot play Jenga? You might prefer to spend a few minutes learning how to hack your face. Or maybe you're interested in discovering the history of NASA's impressively engineered space pen. Whatever you're interested in, the Cool tab has something for you.

We recommend turning off your customisation preferences (using the switch at the top of the page) to get the full range of weird and wonderful stories.

Very best,

Dr Sunny Bains
Editorial Director

Last weeks's top headlines:

Large and unusual DNA entities have been discovered coexisting in methane-metabolising microbes that may play a role in regulating global greenhouse gas emissions. They possess some of their host microbe’s genes, leading the team to dub them ‘Borgs’ after the...
Scientists in the US have developed an ultrathin magnet that operates at room temperature. They believe it could lead to new applications in computing and electronics and new tools for the study of quantum physics. According to the researchers, the...
Imagine a universe where you could point a spaceship in one direction and eventually return to where you started. If our universe were a finite donut, then such movements would be possible and physicists could potentially measure its size. “We...
After a six-decade wait to launch off the Earth, new space traveler Wally Funk is ecstatic. The 82-year-old aviation pioneer (and now the oldest person ever to fly in space) launched on a suborbital flight Tuesday (July 20) aboard New...
For some years now John McGeehan, a biologist and the director of the Center for Enzyme Innovation in Portsmouth, England, has been searching for a molecule that could break down the 150 million tons of soda bottles and other plastic...
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