What ENGins can do for your users

The ENGins e-newsletter sends regularly sends custom content to opted-in users.

The site is intended to keep technical people engaged and informed, and to enable them to jump quickly into new technical areas. It’s aimed at people and institutions who don’t want to be limited by labels of field or discipline: who want to be able to make their own choices about what they are, and are not, interested in. For a university, department, or other organization, there are clear advantages to this, but there are important benefits to the user too.

As a user, you benefit from:

Customized content: Choose the combination of topics that interest you and filter out the rest. Your custom settings determine which news, jobs, and books show up on your home page, in your newsletter, and in your RSS feed.

Search engine: Dive into a new research topic quickly by finding readable news articles, features, and explainers before you go to the technical literature. Our highly customizable and powerful search includes more than 50K curated and individually tagged articles going back to 2011.

Newsletter: Receive an optional weekly e-mail with the latest news and other content specified by you.

RSS feed: Download your selected content, without duplication of articles that appear in under different topics, into your preferred reader.

Dashboard: Favorite your articles to read later or share with others via a personal page that can be set as public, private, or semi-private.


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About the Author

Dr Sunny Bains is a Scientist, Journalist, Editor, and Educator based at University College London.